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    Certified Mail Forms Today &
    Save $1.40 in Postage on
    Each Certified Mail Piece
    You Send By Using
    Electronic Return Receipt

Save valuable time by streamlining the process of preparing your Certified Mail by using the Web Certified Mail system or PostMaster Plus. Track all of your Certified Mail quickly and efficiently in one centralized location. Import an address list and print your Certified Mail forms in minutes instead of hours. Our solution complies with the 2015 USPS Certified Mail changes.

The Web Certified Mail system is simple to use and can be setup in less than 5 minutes. Print our Certified Mail labels from any printer in your office. Just go to www.printcertifiedmail.com or click on the Web Certified Service button above to register. With the Web Certified System, you can manage your Address Book, Copy/Paste addresses from your Word Processor, Import address lists for mass mailings, Track all of your Certified Mail on one screen, and view your digital signatures(when using Certified Mail Electronic Return Receipt). The software is completely free
and available for use 24/7. More Info

Certified Mail


Our Desktop PC based software solution for use on computers without an internet connection, provides you with the ability to import lists of addresses and maintain an Address Book for use in printing large volumes of Certified Mail. Companies such as debt collectors, insurance companies, City/County Governments, and Commercial Mailers can benefit the most due to the large number of Certified Mail forms they are typically required to send. PostMaster Plus also provides the ability to print our Certified Mail forms directly from Microsoft Word and Word Perfect. Call today to order the software and
sample labels completely free of
charge. More Info


PostalXport is a PC based software solution that provides shippers of international goods with the ability to automate the generation of USPS Form 2976 and 2976A. The software offers a robust import utility which provides you with the ability to import all of the required information from your shipping/manifesting systems. Call today to order the software and sample forms completely free of charge. More Info